Create Tomorrow
with Intelligent Robots

KRC(Kyoto Robotics), through innovation by intelligent
robots, aims to create a society in which robots take charge of
unskilled labor and heavy labor that humans have done so far,
so humans can focus on things that only humans can do,
such as creativity and communication.


We are developing intelligent robot solutions that use 3D vision, which is our core technology.

Logistics solutions

KRC's intelligent robots fully automate the unloading and loading of cases. No work registration or robot teaching is required, and general-purpose warehouse operation is possible at the touch of a button.

FA solutions

Automate bin picking, mainly for production plants. By using the world's highest-level 3D vision, it is possible to flexibly handle any task.

In providing cutting-edge intelligent robots, we are actively conducting research and development in-house.

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Employment information

We are looking for people who avidly desire customer satisfaction,
and who have the strength to overcome any difficulty.

We also have many people from overseas. Join global Hitachi Automation,
and let's take on the challenge of new businesses together.